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Ken does consulting part time for his passion, preservation and restoration of aging audio and videotapes. Every minute that passes most tapes are disintegrating minute by minute. The only answer is to make high-resolution digital copies. This also allows cataloging the contents of each tape and the opportunity to sell digital downloads on line.
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Ken will open the first ever post graduate school for exceptionally talented young adults interested in pursuing careers as performers, songwriters, engineers, producers and music industry professionals.


Ken and Sleeping Giant created ArtistMax a professional Artist Development program.


Ken Started Sleeping Giant Entertainment Group to sign talented and aspiring young artists with exceptional abilities so the world may hear their Arts.

February 2010

May 2010 Breakthrough was released in Sept 09 and went #1 the second week. In October we cut Colbie Caillat's second Christmas song, For the acclaimed “A Very Special Christmas” series. By Christmas Breakthrough had gone gold (500,000 units) In February, it was nominated for a Grammy for a Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy’s which Colbie won!
In February I built my studio in the Village in W.L.A. It’s a 2 room production suite, capable of mixing over dubs, vocals and tracking (downstairs in the main room). My First client was the Rambles. A Hard Rocking, fun lovin bunch of guys. In March, I cut a commercial for a Cotton commercial shown on national TV.

Breakthrough - July 2009

Well, that was an exciting 6 months! On Dec 31 we flew to Kauai and Colbie started writing new songs for her upcoming album with her friends, Jason Reaves and Mikal Blue. Diane and I were there to video the whole event. On Jan 3 Colbie and her writers moved in a beautiful beachfront home on the beach on Hanalei Bay. They wrote 14 songs in the next 3 weeks. When we got back in Los Angeles, we started booking studio time. We started the recording the basic tracks at the Record Plant on Thursday Feb 26, 2009. We cut 6 songs in the first 2 days. By March 30 we had finished the basic tracks and were very happy with them. At this time we moved to the Village Recorder in Santa Monica to finish over dubs and mix. On June 29, 24 songs were mixed and mastered and Colbie had chosen the songs she wanted on her album and Colbie’s second album, Breakthrough was ready. Her first single, “Fallin' for You” was aired and released. And now that she had chosen the final album sequence, the label could start making her album. Breakthrough is set to be released August 25, 2009. She’s in Europe now on her promo tour and I’m on vacation. I had so much fun making this album that I hope I can find someone else to produce soon.

January 2009

Ken is preparing to record Colbie’s sophomore CD following her successful double platinum first album, Coco. Ken will be co-producing with Colbie as well as co-engineering and executive producer for the album. We expect a summer release.

Ken leaves for Hawaii to begin work on daughter Colbie's 2nd album.

For the past 3 years Ken has sent video crews on the road with Colbie gathering high definition footage for a future documentary.

Ken finished work on Colbie Caillat's sophomore CD following her successful double platinum first CD, Coco.
Ken co-produced Breakthrough with Colbie as well as co-engineered the album.




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